Narendra Modi should convince more allies before 2014 General Elections

Narendra Modi should convince more allies before 2014 General Elections

Victory possible only if Hindutva poster boy ups tally in states with Muslim presence: Sanjay Raut. This statement has been given by Sanjay Raut of Shiv Sena. While the BJP is jubilant over Gujarat CM and Hindutva poster boy Narendra Modi being declared as their prime ministerial nominee, its ally, the Shiv Sena, has said that coming to power in Delhi is impossible unless NDA secures more allies and increases its Lok Sabha tally in crucial states.

“The NDA is politically weak. The BJP’s only friends are Shiv Sena in Maharashtra and Akali Dal in Punjab. The number of allies will have to be increased and without it, no one will be able to dream of coming to power in Delhi,” said Shiv Sena Rajya Sabha MP and spokesperson Sanjay Raut in his weekly column in the party mouthpiece Saamna on Sunday.

Raut noted that the BJP, which won 116 seats in 2009, needed to notch up victories in at least 100 more segments and also increase its tally in Maharashtra. BJP has a presence in 387 of 543 Lok Sabha seats. He has warned that NDA can come to power only if Modi can win over allies in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Andhra, which have a significant Muslim presence.

Raut said BJP had to “start from scratch” in states accounting for 267 Lok Sabha seats. Moreover, BJP had no allies in Uttar Pradesh which had 80 Lok Sabha seats. The Hindutva surge in the post-Ayodhya era led to BJP cornering over 60 states and helped it win power in Delhi.

Raut said that when Modi was announced as the PM nominee, it was celebrated as if he had become the prime minister and Modi’s body language was as if he had just taken oath of office. “I have begun feeling that Modi’s self-confidence will ensure his success,” he added.



BJP announced Narendra Modi as their Prime Ministerial Candidate for 2014 General election


BJP announced Narendra Modi as their Prime Ministerial Candidate for 2014 General election


Finally Modi has been coroneted as PM candidate of BJP. This was expected that Narendra Modi will be the Prime Ministerial Candidate of NDA. Many would have not analysis the day when the announcement was made it was Friday on this day, the colour of Kurta Modi was wearing was Green to gain confidence of Minority especially Muslims.  But this wasn’t expected that senior leaders and Patriarch of BJP Mr. Lal Krishna Advani would skip the Parliamentary board meeting to decide on Modi as PM candidate. Advani was also not present on the dais when the announcement of Narendra Modi as PM candidate was made. This raises several Questions.


1) LK Advani unhappy with Narendra Modi as PM candidate.


2) LK wants his name to be announced as PM Candidate.


3) LK Advani career come to an end.


4) Narendra Modi is Polarizing figure.


5) BJP camp divided in 2 groups Narendra Modi vs. LK Advani because many BJP leaders wanted Advani to be the PM candidate.


6) Can Modi individually take BJP to a Majority in 2014 Elections?


These are the several questions which have to solve by BJP before it’s too late. Nevertheless, these all are internal matters of BJP. BJP has announced their PM candidate now it’s all eye on Congress. When will Congress announce their PM  candidate, it’ll be interesting to see that whether Rahul Gandhi will be their PM candidate or Congress will wait and announce after elections like they did in 2004 elections where they had surprised everyone by announcing Dr. Manmohan Singh as their Prime Minister.


Dr. Manmohan Singh is surely not in the race for UPA because coming back from Russia in the flight he signaled that this is his last year as Prime Minister of India. We have to wait and watch when and what will be the timing of UPA to announce their PM candidate or it’ll be after elections.


 Let’s talk about Magical figure 272 seats, a party or coalitions have to acquire 272 seats to form a Government in Centre out of 543 seats. Why we have to talk about Magical Figure is, because from where BJP as well Congress will gain 272 seats in 2014 Elections.


First let’s take BJP, They has announced their 2014 election chairman as Modi their biggest and longest ally said bye – bye i.e JD(u). BJP won 116 seats in 2014 elections with anti-incumbency BJP can touch up to say 160-180 seats. And where are their allies only 2 parties Shiv Sena and SAD are the parties with BJP. Both parties will give them say 20 seats. And NDA will touch 200 and beyond. The magical figure is still 70 seats to go. Post elections may be some party joint hands with them.


Now, Take Congress last time Congress touches 206 seats and now with their fragile health probably, congress will get up to 160-180 seats. But look at the alliance with Congress: NCP,NC, DMK, RLD, AIMIM, IUML, JMK, JD(s), somewhere post elections SP, RJD, LJP etc. This may enable congress to touch 272 seats the Magical figure in 2014 elections.


Food Security Bill is a Dice of UPA-2 to win 2014 General Election

    Food Security Bill is a Dice of UPA-2 to win 2014 General Election

The National Food Security Bill has been passed by the Lok Sabha. But for the Congress, the challenge has just begun. It took four years for the second UPA government to get its flagship scheme to see the light of day in the Lok Sabha. But it now has barely eight months to convey the bill’s political message to voters – assuming, of course, that the bill is passed by the Rajya Sabha and becomes a law.


As India’s Economy facing a very pathetic Situation, this Food Security bill might be taking off Media’s & Public concentration from India’s Economy.


The food bill aims to give 75% of the rural population and 50% of urban people access to subsidised food grains while the DBT will transfer cash directly to beneficiaries. The Congress will need better packaging to sell something that is already in circulation in many large states. The successful implementation of the food scheme also depends heavily on the state governments. The 304 amendments to the bill moved in the Lok Sabha clearly show that Opposition parties are in no mood to let the Congress take all the credit.


Now coming back to the original question, would Food Security Act deliver the goods for the Congress and the UPA it heads? The answer is both yes and no. Political analysts generally overestimate the vote-pulling powers of such moves. They also tend to ignore the fact that given the fragmentation of the vote bases at the state level, there’s little scope of the benefits of such initiatives going exclusively to one party.

There is a perceptible design to the Congress’ moves in recent times. On the back foot over charges of big ticket corruption, poor governance, mismanagement of the economy and crippling policy blunders, the party does not see much hope in the urban areas. As pre-poll surveys indicate, the party might lose a big chunk of the urban constituencies in 2014. It is seeking redemption elsewhere. This explains party vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s emphasis on rural and tribal areas and his reluctance to address the concerns of the urban India. The only gain for the Congress could be better internal cohesion, not much beyond that.


BJP website for 2014 General Elections


                       Image Link to the Website: –

                                BJP website for 2014 General Elections

                 BJP launching a website ahead of 2014 General Elections to caters to their Voters, Website is been named as India 272+. The Majority of seats required to win Elections is 272 and by naming website name as 272+ BJP assume that they will be in the power after 10 years in 2014.


In this website many issues have been raised against the Government, Narendra Modi was a Central point in this website. Everything was projected as if Narendra Modi is alone will take BJP to a winning strip in 2014. Narendra Modi speeches, Blogs, Tweets etc. have been included in this website. One point in the Website is totally dedicated to Modi.


As said, Modi is a Centre point in this website other leaders has been given important but less than Modi. Rajnath Singh, Sushma swaraj, Arun Jaitley etc. Blogs, tweets has been included in the website, but the main thing the website do not have is BJP veteran leaders like Atal bihari Vajpayee, LK Advani and other veteran leaders. This means will BJP will go in 2014 General Elections without their Veteran leaders.


The Website caters the Youth of India; it is clear that without winning the confidence of Youth no party can win elections. So, that is prominence given to Youth. Importance is also given to Gujarat model, BJP wanted that Gujarat Model is to be implemented to Whole India. There are several points which BJP included about Gujarat Model in their Website: –

 Experience Narendra Modi’s famed Gujarat Model.

  1.  Urban and Infrastructure Development Critical Issues; Simple Solutions
  2.  Economic Policies can turn around a State; Example Gujarat
  3.  In Power Sector Gujarat Shows the Way
  4.  Women an Integral Part of Development in Gujarat
  5.  Simple and well implemented Policies make Gujarat a Developed State and etc.


These are points included in the Website about Gujarat Model.

But the Questions arise why only Gujarat Model, BJP government is in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh. This is because BJP are clear to project Narendra Modi as their PM candidate for 2014 Elections.

When Narendra Modi was made a Chairman for 2014 General election and included in Parliamentary committee, BJP alliance somewhat got angry and JD(u) in fact, give away the alliance. Now, other alliance like Shiv Sena and Akali Dal are left with BJP. Can BJP single handily bring the Majority 272+ as their Website name suggests.








Last Speech of Dr. Man Mohan Singh from Red Fort before 2014 Elections

Last Speech of Dr. Man Mohan Singh from Red Fort before 2014 Elections

The coming 15th August would be the last speech of Dr. Man Mohan Singh from Red Fort as India will face General Elections in 2014. It is impossible for Dr. Man Mohan to retain Prime Minister of India post once again; even his party’s Congress to win General Election is in Doubt so no Question of Dr. Man Mohan Singh to be Prime Minister once again. This 15th August speech will be his 10th speech from Red Fort and before this only Jawaharlal Nehru got this privilege to deliver speech from Red Fort on 15th August.

This year speech will be very crucial and important from every aspect because there are several which Prime Minister has to give a justification on.

Below is the list of the issue which we can listen the justification of Dr. Man Mohan Singh.

  • Indo- Pakistan border Tension, Pakistan now & then breaking a ceasefire.
  • Inflation, With Onions, Petrol, Diesel etc. Prices are continuously increasing.
  • Communal Riots in Kisthwar District of Jammu & Kashmir.
  • Telegana Issue, What is the need for the separation of Telegana? And other states will also demand for separation of Telegana.
  • Dollar$ Rate reach to nearly Rs.61.
  • Day- by- Day increase in Crime Rates in India, Especially in Capital New Delhi.
  • Food Security bill in Parliament
  • Why Political Parties are united for excluding RTI.
  • Several Scams and the new one which has erupted recently of Sonia Gandhi son-in- Law Robert Vadra of Land Deals Scam.

There is several more issue which Dr. Man Mohan Singh has to Explanation & Justification.

I am sure if Dr. Man Mohan speaks on these above issue he will certainly give his Justification in Positive way and will overshadow his Party drawbacks and he will only Praise UPA-2 and Congress Achievements in 5 Years.

On the other hand Narendra Modi is started his 2014 General Elections in very enthusiastic Manner from the Capital of Andhra and Telengana, Hyderabad. He has given also given a slogan “YES WE CAN, YES WE WILL DO” this slogan will certainly boost the voter’s confidence and believe to vote a person who is aggressive and has an ability to be Prime Minister of India.

Next year we will see new Prime Minister delivering the speech after 10 years from Red Fort and it may be Narendra Modi. UPA can also win the Election but chances are minor, we can’t rule Congress out of contention of not winning the Elections in 2014 that we had done in 2004 and 2009. In both times Electronic Media’s Exit poll projected Congress getting less seats in compare of BJP but Genuine Result shows the otherwise. Congress won the 218 seats in 2004 and 262 seats in 2009 even better from 2004. Both times there were not similar issue as of now the Congress and UPA Government going through.

This 15th August whole India would keep an eye on Dr. Man Mohan Singh Speech because his speech and Justification on 15th August can make Congress & UPA hero or Zero. If he delivers a speech which can satisfy common man then UPA & Congress has a good chance to win the 2014 General Elections.

UPA 2 failed and hard to convince in 2014 General Elections

  UPA 2 failed and hard to convince in 2014 General Elections

Congress winning the elections in 2009 and UPA 2 formed a Government which led by Congress party under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. People voted for Congress in 2009 Elections with a Satisfactory Result of UPA 1. UPA 2 is considered as one of the worst Government in India’s 67 Years of Independence. There were several reasons that might go against Congress and UPA in 2014 Elections.

  • First and foremost Inflation remains a key issue, which can go against the Congress.
  • Rupee is touching all-time high, 61 rupees per 1$. This has happen after a very long time.
  • Natural Gases price hike, Diesel, Petrol, Gas prices are continuing to remain higher.
  • Scams under UPA 2, which animosity and anger amongst Citizens of India.
  • There are several more issues which may lead to downfall of UPA in 2014 General Elections. Such as: – Terrorism, Naxalism, Several Bills which has to pass but delayed, Poverty etc.


Certainly, the above mentioned reasons are the key which may lead to the downfall of UPA. There are many more important points which I like to mention in this blog about UPA.

Politics cannot be separated from government: 
The fundamental cause of UPA-1 and UPA-2’s failures is that Sonia Gandhi kept charge of politics while leaving government to Manmohan Singh.

Since cabinet ministers owed their jobs to Sonia Gandhi or were — like Sharad Pawar — laws unto themselves, the prime minister had no control over government or decision making. If Manmohan Singh had vision, it could not be translated into policy. He tried to operate via the bureaucracy but faced impenetrable political walls. Example: the 2G scam.

On the other hand, Sonia has been failing on the political front. The scion, Rahul Gandhi, does not measure up. Failing politics and unbridled corruption have added to the PM’s miseries and sunk UPA-2.

Politics cannot be separated from economics: 
Politics mediates all fields of public affairs, especially economics. Just like a war cannot be left to generals, economic policies must pass political scrutiny. Central bureaucrats say government policies in an earlier time were framed around Gandhi’s key parameter for development: how they affect the poor.

If UPA-2 had been true to that, it would have been saved the scandal of the planning commission’s Rs32-per-day definition of urban poverty or Montek Singh Ahluwalia’s exultation over sharp petrol price hikes. UPA-2 would have been altogether more sensitive about runaway prices.

If the Reserve Bank of India had not intervened to try to control inflation (and failing so far), UPA-2 would have led the country to an ironic situation of destructive growth. That danger persists with a technocrat as PM.

The PM must be from the Lok Sabha: 
While an Indian prime minister can no longer enjoy the luxury of being continuously connected with the masses, the necessity of winning elections every five years would force a political PM to engage the grassroots periodically.

Nursing a constituency is a good way of remaining connected. It brings a reality check to implemented policies and those being contemplated. It humanises and grounds the PM.

Certainly, India is too vast for a PM to learn everything from his/her constituency. But it is a start. And not being from the Lok Sabha leaves a PM politically blind.

An elected PM wins the natural respect of other elected politicians. Both sides speak the language of politics. This settles political questions that much quicker and assists in the seamless mediation of societal, economic, military, foreign policy and other issues.

The bureaucracy also respects elected PMs more than others because it fits the lexicon of power. If Manmohan Singh had been an elected MP, he would have led from the front. He would have headed a more united UPA-2. And it may not have carried the stink of failure.

Pre-poll alliance superior to post-election arrangement: It is axiomatic that political partners who go to the polls with a robust common minimum programme have a better chance to provide a good government.

UPA-1 was mismatched with the Congress and Left pulling in opposite directions. And similar internal contradictions have scuppered UPA-2.

Sometimes, a post-poll arrangement becomes unavoidable. But that should not preclude attempts at a genuine pre-poll alliance (and not merely opportunistic seat adjustments). That is the best way to bring stability to fraught coalition politics.

Anna Hazare Movement:

Government will be cursing Anna Hazare, for his Anti-Corruption Stand against Government. This movement of him certainly open the eyes of Common Man. Nevertheless with some Government strategy Anna Hazare Movement failed to flourish. But The Movement affect has been a praiseworthy and results of it we can see in 2014 General Elections.

Vote bank politics: 
This ultimately hurts government, governance and the people. Majority and minority both equally and unfailing polarise the country and governance suffers.

Every citizen must have an equal stake in getting a good government. If security fears drive one community to a particular political party, it will be exploited. A government that thrives on votebank politics will lose its competitive edge, blame the opposition for its problems, hurt all sections, and finally fail, as UPA-2 has.

The legacy of a polarised country is, of course, harder to overcome. And such a crisis consumes India.






Telengana issue will play a major role in 2014 elections

Telengana issue will play a major role in 2014 elections

India got his 29th states and the people who wanted will be celebrating today. They have succeeded in what they strive hard for. Telengana issue was headache for government from very long. Telengana will play very important role in 2014 election because Congress is seeking confidence of People from where Congress can get lot of seats in 2014 General elections. People who wanted Telengana will certainly vote for Congress in 2014 elections. Many leaders in Centre were against separation of 2 states and Congress allies in Centre were also against the separation. But now the separation held and Congress somewhat winning the confidence of people of Telengana.

It was important for Congress to gain some respect before 2014 elections. Because With the popularity of YSR Congress Party and its Chief Jagan Mohan, Congress was helpless and they have done a trick to win a confidence of some people in Telengana. Jagan YSR Congress is predicted to beat all party in Andhra Pradesh and to gain a majority of seats in 2014 General Elections as well as State Assembly Elections.

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh was against the separation of a State in 2 states and beforethe separation of the state CM of Andhra gives resign to Congress High command in Center. This shows that Congress is fed up of Telegana issue and want to solve it despite the condemn of CM of Andhra. This is vote bank politics by Congress to gain the support of Telegana people before 2014 General Eletions. Hyderabad like Chandigarh will remain capital for both Andhra Pradesh and Telegana for at least 10 Years.

Separation of Telegana will not help any party but only Congress in 2014 General Elections. So, this is the reason Congress allowed separation just 8 to 10 Months before the big General Election